What happened to your shoes?

Luba Kasyanov
March 16, 2021
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Looking at photos from the last crusade in Africa, I noticed that George (one of our team members) was walking through the village in socks. That’s strange, what happened to him?
FFM team was serving in a remote village that day. When a crowd of people gathered, we told them about Jesus, prayed, served in healing, and distributed humanitarian aid. Here’s what George told me later:
“I saw an older man approaching us and grumbling something like: stop listening to these people, they are not of our faith. He was just angry. I looked at his feet, he was barefoot, the skin on his feet was cracked and covered in dust. Without thinking, I took off my sneakers and said, “Sir, I want to give you my shoes.” He refused, moreover, people around us shouted: “No, don’t do that! This man isn’t worthy. He is always mean, and besides that he is a Muslim.” I didn’t listen to them, I said to this man: “Look, I’m a human just like you, I have compassion for you in my heart, because I see the image of God in you. I don’t care if you’re a Muslim. It’s not me, it’s Jesus who gives you shoes, because He loves you!” For a moment there was silence around me, everyone was thinking, and I felt the Spirit of God touching people. Then one by one people started shouting: “Take it, take it.”

This old man just stared at me, it was difficult for him to accept it. Suddenly he smiled and said quietly: “Okay.” I gave him my sneakers, then I took off my jacket and put it on him, too. You have no idea how much this has shocked and changed the people standing around. They saw the love of the Heavenly Father towards everyone of us. Then they stretched out their hands and wanted to touch my hand. Well, I had to walk around in socks a little bit, but that’s nothing to worry about.”

Friends, I am so grateful to God for our FFM team! You guys are the best! There’s so much work we will do together around the world. Thank you for your faithfulness and dedication! Thank you to all the partners in the ministry, who stand with us in this vision!!! Our next trip to Africa will be in early March. Join us and become a part of God’s movement around the world.
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Luba Kasyanov
March 16, 2021
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