Children Send Gifts to an Ethiopian Village

Luba Kasyanov
March 16, 2021
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Having learned that their parents were going to Ethiopia, our children from the team began to give their own toys and spend their piggy bank savings to give gifts to children in Africa.

“My daughter Oksana, 8 years old, brought her new ponies to the kitchen, put them in a row, combed each one and asked to be photographed with them, and then said:“ Mom, I want to give these to the girls in Africa. ”

“My little son Jaden, 10 years old, took all the savings from his piggy bank (almost $100), and said:“ Mom, let’s go to the store, I want to spend all this money on Africa. I want the children there to have toys & candy.”

“Before bedtime, I told our son Jonathan about Africa, and he immediately said:“ Mom, I so want to share my toys with those who do not have them! ” He is only 6 years old, but he packed up a whole suitcase of toys. Now he is anticipating for the team to return to see the photos and hear all the stories from the trip.”

There are many such stories from the team! Our children are one team with us. They help us, and are not indifferent to the needs of children in poverty. Do not be afraid to tell your children about the needs of others, about poverty and hunger, fear and difficult circumstances, neglect and bad attitude – not to scare them, BUT to encourage them to influence and change this world for God. Proclaim God’s promises in their lives. The new generation that will grow up will be strong soldiers of the Lord and will go further than us, bringing revival throughout the earth. We are believing and praying about it!

Not far from the city of Ambo, Ethiopia, there is a very poor settlement. At times young people from the local church come to serve there. This time we came with them and brought aid. We saw with our own eyes the level of poverty and hunger, loneliness and abandonment…

Our guys blessed people with things, prayed and shared the love of God with them (some holding the kids in their arms could not hold back the tears). “Two boys, as soon as they saw a soccer ball in one of the bags, grabbed my hand and wouldn’t let go, saying: “Please, please give us the ball, that ball over there, please…” It seemed to me that they caught their breath when they saw a real soccer ball, because they played with sticks their whole lives. We took out the ball and inflated it. How much joy there was! The boys were not interested in sweets, or new pants, or shoes. The all gathered together and immediately started playing. The team also prayed for people, and God healed many. Glory to Jesus!

These photos will probably tell much more than words…

I just want to tell the whole team and those who helped – HUGE THANKS TO YOU ALL!

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Luba Kasyanov
March 16, 2021
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