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Evangelistic Crusades

Mass crusade evangelism plays a big role in the expansion of the Kingdom of God on the Earth. We show up and challenge the spiritual climate in the region with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For every soul that’s saved, there’s less corruption, less poverty, less misery, less sin, and less dysfunction.

Humanitarian Work

We work all over the world to provide supplies, food, and bring life-changing message of the Kingdom. We are also equipping the next generation of Jesus people with Kingdom Domain College, online discipleship, and local church.

Online Prayer

Whether we are meeting with someone in person to pray in faith, or connecting with them via Zoom on the other side of the world, the power of God is the same.  Regardless of your location, at Face to Face Prayer we use the tools and technology available to us to connect and partner with you to destroy the works of darkness and advance the Kingdom of God in your life

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Every Sunday 5:00pm (Pacific Standard Time)

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