The Vision Behind KDC

Inessa Bukreyev
April 1, 2021
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A little over a decade ago one of our pastors received a vision from God about opening up a bible college. Not just a regular bible college but one that would breathe family, culture, and calling. Pastor Serge Kucher is the chosen man with the plan! Serge is a pastor and businessman at Flame of Fire Ministry. While he was serving the Lord and going about his life, God gave him a vision of what this college would look like. This all took place in 2010 while the Kuchers pastored a local russian church in Sacramento, California. God brought them to FFM around 2016 and now, four years later, this vision has come to life. Now they have three beautiful children and as a family they serve as directors of Kingdom Domain College.

Here at Kingdom Domain College we learn the truth about God, who we are, and how to bring the kingdom of heaven down to earth. This college is broken down into three trimesters. We are currently in the third trimester, but we will catch you up on the previous two.

Since the beginning of college, the staff and leaders of KDC have created a welcoming and safe place for all of the students. They put in a lot of effort, time, energy, and finances into the well being of the KDC students. To make us all feel at home and create that family atmosphere, we have family dinner nights, where we share a meal together and get to know one another more. Having these nights has definitely unified us and allowed us to understand the importance of community. The love and kindness we receive and learn about at this college reflects the love of the Father. The times spent at KDC are filled with raw moments of worship and the tangible presence of God. The people and culture here have made room for the Holy Spirit to minister to and restore our hearts.

Throughout these six months we had a few guest speakers come and teach us. Among the topics they taught on were about intimacy with God, moving in the prophetic, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, our identity in Christ, and biblical theology. These teachings have definitely challenged us and slowly began to break off old religious beliefs and mindsets. During this process of healing, learning, and growing, our mindsets are continually being renewed and transformed. To have the correct mindset within us we needed to learn our identity in Christ. Learning the truth of who we are is fundamental for our growth. Having the correct mindset means to see everything from God’s perspective. This inspires us to make better choices, to see the purpose, gifts, talents, and beauty that God has placed inside each and every one of us. Starting from the second trimester, we have included what we call “tracks” into our schedule. KDC is not just a place to receive knowledge but a place where we also have hands-on activities for the students to be able to grow in their gifts and talents. These are the three different tracks: Media, Worship, and Business -which includes missions, entrepreneurship, and ministry administration. The purpose of each of these three tracks is to expand God’s kingdom.

In this short amount of time there has been a huge transformation in our mindsets. It is through the teachings, the lessons, and the revelations, but most of all it is how much we personally allowed God to open our eyes, stretch our minds, and work in our hearts. As we were being taught about God and His Kingdom, the hunger for truth and knowledge deepens. The atmosphere in class allows us to step out in faith and challenges us to overcome mistakes and keep growing. Through the lessons and teachings we were equipped to know who we are, to grow in our authority and to stand against the kingdom of darkness. One of the most important things we learned, is that this school doesn’t teach us a life of no problems but rather a life where we know what to do when problems arise. These nine months at KDC are preparing us to live and walk out our purpose and identity as sons and daughters of the King! If you are interested in discovering your identity and purpose here on earth and being surrounded in a community that supports you, Kingdom Domain College is the place for you!

We are now open for registration and enrollment for 2021-2022 on our website, https://www.kdcglobal.org/

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Inessa Bukreyev
April 1, 2021
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