Rejected children find a home

Luba Kasyanov
March 19, 2021
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They all call her MAMA – all 42 of them and many more others…

Bethel Children’s Home in Adama, Ethiopia is run by a dedicated christian couple – Kimfermichael and Genet Suga. They gave out their big house for an orphanage to be mom and dad to many children.

This is what mama of the house told us, “Very often women give birth to a child and run away from the hospital leaving the baby behind. Sometimes babies are left on a side of the road. Police and government officials bring those babies here. They know us very well, but government never helps us. We take care of these children with the help of other individuals and volunteers. These are our children that God gave us to raise. I already gave out for adoption about 60 infants locally to good families. It’s hard for me, each time I sign those papers to give my babies for adaption I return home and cry. I cannot do bigger kids, I’m so attached to them. 10 years ago I used to work as a school teacher and when my own children grew bigger we opened our house to abandoned kids…
Today we also rent second house, it’s called Bethel Autistic Center. We take care of 30 autistic children there during day time. It all started with one infant girl who was left on a side of the road. She was very sick with malaria, malnutritioned, and dying. Later we found out she was also autistic. I was praying a lot for her and taught myself a lot about Autism. And later I opened Autistic Center too.”

Children’s house sometimes struggles to provide for kids, but God is always faithful to bring victory. And this time He sent YOU!!!”

Thank you, our friends and partners!!! We were able to buy diapers, wipes, infant milk formula, baby cereal (to our surprise diapers and formula in Ethiopia are as expensive as in the United States) We brought medicine, new shoes, toys and clothes; we blessed them financially to pay for one month rent. Our team prayed and blessed each child as well as their mom and dad.

Thank you for being part of this project and bringing God’s love to these orphans! The eyes of God are on these children.
Thank you FFM partners!

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Luba Kasyanov
March 19, 2021
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