Atmosphere For Miracles


About the Event

Atmosphere for Miracles is not just an event; it's an experience designed to touch lives and change destinies. We aim to create an environment where faith is ignited, hope is renewed, and miracles become a reality.


Atmosphere For Miracles is a 3-day event. Each day will have a unique focus: Healing, Deliverance, and Anointing. Throughout these 3 days, our team will be fasting. While this is completely optional, we highly encourage you to join!

Join Us

Come with an expectant heart and ready to receive from God. Experience an atmosphere saturated with the power of God, where miracles are the norm, not the exception. We look forward to seeing you June 7-9.

Event Schedule

Date: June 7-9

Friday: 7pm - 10pm

Saturday: 7pm - 10pm

Sunday: 5pm - 8pm

Note: Event Schedule Subject To Change*

Heart Behind Each Service


Our healing service is a time of restoration and revival. Whether you're battling physical illnesses, emotional wounds, or spiritual struggles, we believe that in the atmosphere of faith, God's healing power can manifest. Come and experience divine healing in every area of your life.


In our deliverance service, we focus on breaking the chains of bondage and setting captives free. If you're struggling with addictions, strongholds, or any form of oppression, this service is for you. In the presence of God, there is liberty, and we trust that as you participate, you will experience freedom like never before.


The anointing service is about empowerment and commissioning. Here, we pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to equip believers for their life's purpose. The anointing breaks yokes and lifts burdens. Come and receive fresh oil for your journey ahead.

Event Information

Still have questions?

WHAT IS THE registration process?

The registration process for 'Atmosphere for Miracles' is straightforward and simple.

1. First, you'll need to register for the event.
2. Upon successful registration, you'll receive a confirmation email.
3. We'll keep you updated with all event-related details as we approach the event date.
4. If you have indicated that you are seeking prayer, please note that additional pre-prayer consultation will be required. Make sure to select the option indicating your desire for prayer during the registration process.
5. If you've chosen to receive prayer, our team will reach out to you with further information regarding the pre-prayer consultation process.

We're excited to see you there and witness the miracles unfold together!

WHERE will this event take place?

1529 Eureka Rd #110, Roseville, CA 95661

Do i need to register to receive prayer?

Registration is for everyone. To receive prayer, pre-prayer consultation is required. More information will be provided after registration.

How much does this event cost?

This event is completely free! If you'd like to contribute & support what God is doing, feel free to donate.

when will this event take place?

June 7 - 9. These dates are subject to change. Register to stay up to date!


We advise to wear something casual-modest and comfortable.

Will there be child care?

As of right now, child care will not be available. If something changes, we will update you.

Will there be translation?

Yes, interpretation will be provided (English & Russian).