Sacrifice and Breakthrough in Finances

Nate B.
December 1, 2021

For our entire lives we have been strapped with strife and debt. We lost jobs and money to the point of not having any financial security for the future. KINDOM DOMAIN 2021 God put on our heart to give an offering that was a lot more than we could afford. In fact, it almost wiped out our account. We stood in faith and obedience to the Holy Spirit. In December of 2021, we received a financial windfall through our business and our home to the point that we were able to become debt free and have money in the bank, not to mention this created a tithe that we could have only imagined giving. We are experiencing Kingdom Life and walking into ministry and the financial freedom is giving us the ability to sow into the kingdom in ways we could not imagine!

Russian Translation(Русский перевод):

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