Delivered from lesbianism

January 1, 2018

(Names have been altered to preserve the privacy of the individual)

Sofia says “I was molested by a female relative at a very early age. As I was growing up, I was hanging out with only girls thinking that they are better, and they understand me.  I began to be attracted to girls and this drew me into the world.  I remember my mom said at one point that something was wrong with me, and that she would pray for God to reveal it.  She was praying, but I was unable to talk to her, and I couldn’t discuss what was going on inside of me.  I regularly attended church, yet I was living with my girlfriend at the same time. Everything in my life was pulling me down.  I knew I needed help...“

Sofia attended Kingdom Domain School 2018, hosted by Flame of Fire Ministry, in North Carolina. At that event, God sent a young girl to her who had revelation that Sofia struggled with lesbianism.  She approached her in a direct manner, described her struggles and said that God can deliver her.  This was the first time anyone ever ministered to Sofia! Her heart opened up, the prayer team began to minister to her, and deliverance took place.  Sofia says “God delivered me, and I can still feel Him working in me!” She started the process of finding herself in Christ and learning how to live life in freedom.  She started noticing changes in her desires and in her life. God is now restoring His image in her, as she continues to seek Him daily.  

Russian Translation(Русский перевод):

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