Back and Neck Healed Instantly After 11 Years of Pain

Victoria O.
January 11, 2021

During the Day 1 opening service of KD2021, in the middle of service I felt lots of pain in my upper back and neck. From the previous car accident [over 11 years ago], I had many issues with my spine like a herniated disk and dis-alignment of my spine. Recently I had more and more tension in my neck and upper back.

During service I kept raising my shoulders and rotating my head to relieve the tension and pain. During the preaching by pastor Andrey about How Great and Powerful our God is I said in a prayer, "In the name of Jesus all my neck and back pain be healed and with His stripes I AM HEALED!" From that point my neck and back stopped hurting and I am healed by the Power of Jesus name.

I am completely restored, my neck and back does not hurt and I am so thankful to Jesus my healer. I want to give Him all the glory He deserves!

Russian Translation(Русский перевод):

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