Physical Healing

Warts disappeared!

October 2020
Sacramento, CA

My son had warts for many years. The first ones appeared probably 7 years ago and began multiplying; one after another the warts were covering his hands.  I remember the anguish in his voice when he came to me…"Mama, look, this finger now has 20 warts!" He counted a total of 65 warts on his hands! We tried every natural remedy that was recommended and over the counter medication but nothing worked. I went to different doctors and followed through with treatments, but warts did not respond, instead, new ones kept appearing. It was frustrating! My son stopped shaking hands with people because his palms and fingers were covered in warts.

In September of this year (2020) we received boldness to go against this in the name of Jesus. I remember we were in the kitchen and my son, who was now 16 years old, was showing me newly appeared warts. I saw the pain in his eyes when he said: “Mom, I prayed so long, and still nothing happens.” Suddenly the Spirit of God came upon me and I felt a shift. We prayed together, blessing his body and functions of every system in his body. We commanded warts to fall off and everything that’s causing them to depart from him in Jesus' name. "Warts, fall off in Jesus' name!" became a new prayer for us. 

By the middle of October, my son noticed changes, and toward the end of the month, his hands became clear. Even the scars have faded! Now we celebrate this unique miracle which strengthens faith in my children that nothing is impossible if we believe. GLORY TO JESUS!