Physical Healing

Two Year Later, Still Pain Free

February 2021

Julia was experiencing knee pain for about a year before attending Kingdom Domain. Her knee was constantly swollen and in pain. She enjoyed jogging but could no longer continue because of the intense pain. Her pain varied but it would go up to a 7 or 8/10 when she was using her knee. During her first time attending Kingdom Domain School in 2016, while Andrey was singing, she experienced God’s strong presence in the room and in that that moment Julia knew in her spirit that she had been healed. In the following few days she confirmed she had been completely healed- there was no pain left at all! Later on, symptoms of pain at times would show up but she proclaimed and stood on her healing. It has now been over two years and her knee is pain free. Julia can now jog and do all of the activities that she loves. Praise God!

For those seeking physical healing Julia says: “God is our healer and he has everything for us! That is all I can recommend”