Supernatural Provision

February 2021

David was working in a construction job when he got in a car accident which left him unable to work for a period of time and 10k in debt.  Sometime later, he was able to get an office job and continue providing for his family but was unable to pay off his debt.  While visiting Hungry Generation church in 2018, David and his wife heard about Kingdom Domain from guest pastor Andrey Shapoval.  God stirred their hearts, and they made the commitment to go even though they didn’t know how they would be able to pay for it.  They paid for the tickets using their credit card.  Two weeks before KD 2019, David’s boss approached him with a unique job opportunity - he made 20k dollars in 10 days! Glory to Jesus! He paid off his 10k in debt and gave 10k as a sacrifice offering. His advice for others that need provision:  don’t be anxious, put it in God’s hand because He is our provider.  Set a goal and commit and He will come through!