Stronghold of Unworthiness

February 2021
Seattle, WA

Dmitry had a mental stronghold of always seeing himself as unworthy and unrighteous before God. He would continue seeing himself with his old sins and unable to come to God in the midst of his struggles. This was a problem he had ever since he was a child. He always heard others preach that we are loved by God and He sees us differently after we come to him with repentance, but the truth never penetrated his heart. However when Andrey shared this same message at Kingdom Domain in 2018, it was with the power of the Holy Spirit, not just simply words and the message penetrated his heart. For the first time he began to see himself as now worthy, that God no longer was counting his sins against him, and that he was now pure and holy before Christ. Dmitriy says that now he is able to come to God even in the midst  backsliding and struggles. If someone is struggling with a similar issue, Dmitry says to seek with your spirit, not just reading mere words, but seek real revelation and have faith.