Seek first His kingdom

January 2020

I grew up in the church and I always heard about tithing, but I never understood it. It always seemed like the church was just asking me for money. But as I began trusting God with my finances, right away I experienced this truth.  Everything I sowed would be returned in His timing. Unexpected blessings would start coming my way as tithing became a habit. This pattern of sowing and reaping sparked a desire to give even more than just what God asked of me. I began to seek out every single opportunity to give.

As time passed, I began to trust God more and more with my finances, never worrying whether I would have enough. I would give whatever He asked, even when it was all I had and I was left with nothing. This newly formed habit of tithing gave me access to go on an epic journey across the world with God. Doors started opening right before me and then He spoke.

He told me to go to Rio de Janeiro and promised to provide for all of my expenses. As I said yes to leaving my home and following his voice, I saw the hand of God provide everything. I needed about $6000 to cover everything including a 6 month missionary school. I literally had $0 to my name and at the end of 7 days I had collected all $6000. It was truly amazing to watch! As the trip came to a close, I asked him “What’s next God?” Immediately he told me “Come live in Thailand.”

I couldn’t resist, so I followed the voice of God again and moved to Thailand and that was my home for 2 years. During that time I saw my Heavenly Father provide all of my needs as a Good Father would. At one point I had less than a dollar left to my name and funds weren’t coming for a few more weeks, and he provided a Thai family that took me in and fed me every night since they owned a restaurant.

Truly I say to you He is Faithful to provide.

Now the assignment for me is to Live here in California. I am confident because of my History with him that his provision follows me.

But if you look back on my life it all started with trusting God with a small amount of his money. Read that sentence again.