Renewal of Mind

February 2021
Seattle, WA

Ilona desired to be closer to God.  Her sister paid for her and her husband to come to Kingdom Domain 2018. Even before arriving at Kingdom Domain, they experienced opposition so she knew that it would be a powerful week.

She saw the results of Kingdom Domain 2018 once she got back home.  After the conference Ilona developed a urinary tract infection (UTI). For a whole day she kept proclaiming the word of God and healing over herself. Even while experiencing pain she kept proclaiming her healing and listened to worship music throughout the day. The next morning she woke up -  all the pain was gone and she was completely healed!

Ilona's mindset was drastically changed after attending Kingdom Domain. She began spending hours in God’s word and became passionate for God. The more she spent time with God, the more God’s love would spread to everyone she would encounter. There were at least 5 healings in her family since KD. She also began to write poetry for God while in His presence.

For anyone else who is believing for a healing miracle, Ilona recommends standing on the word of God for your healing, to not be shaken. Press into it and proclaim it. The more you spend time with God, everything else in life will naturally flow from that.

Ilona stated that “Kingdom Domain is the most satisfying vacation you can ever take”. It refreshes you and has lasting effects on your life.