Physical Healing

No more hepatitis!

May 2020

Edward is a passionate born again believer with a heart to see people healed and free. He’d walk the streets of his city to pray for those he encounters. His life drastically started changing when his friend gifted him a “Predestined” book by Andrey Shapoval. Reading a live testimony and seeing the transformational journey of the author, inspired Edward and ignited his passion for the Lord. New feelings and desires began to arise within him. While inner changes were taking place, God started creating a miracle. Edward was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 2018 and was in need of treatment. In May he went to take a blood test to start the necessary treatments. The doctors delivered news that Edward DOESN’T have the illness! Hepatitis C was gone, liver is healthy and there’s no need for treatments!!  Now he ministers to people on streets with even more faith and passion!! Our God always creates!! His power never ceases!! Praise Him with us for who He is!! Glory to Him for what He does!!