Freed from fear and healed!

January 2020
Charlotte, NC

I came to Kingdom Domain 2020 looking for spiritual break through and not only did I get it, I also got mental and physical healing! I came back to my first love and I never want to leave the presence of my Father.

When pastor Andrey was preaching on Saturday night I felt God speak to me. During the prayer God began to work on my spiritual and physical  being. I got free from life-hindering fear, and received healing from my severe lower back pain which I was struggling with for 3 years.

When fear was cast out of me God gave me a vision. I saw a ship underwater and the ship had heavy anchors that were keeping the ship captive to the bottom of the ocean floor. Once the fear left my body the chains of the anchors were broken, and the ship floated up to the surface. I knew I was free at that moment!! God is so good!!