Depression was Lifted

January 2021
Sacremento, CA

Around April, I got sick with Covid. After two and a half weeks of quarantine and self- isolation I fell into depression and was experiencing negative thoughts. Even though I recovered from Covid, a couple of weeks later I continued to isolate and lock myself in my room. I wouldn’t come out of my room most days and when I did I was very anxious. At Kingdom Domain 2021 conference, we were worshipping one morning, and John Wilds said that depression and anxiety was lifting. In that moment, I literally felt the heaviness leave me, and God replaced all those negative emotions with complete and perfect joy. I began to laugh and dance, not having been able to do that for a while. I was freely able to lift my hands up to Jesus without any sort of resistance. I am now filled with joy and in love with Jesus! He has great plans over my life! I received my breakthrough.