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Awakening Nights 2022

Awakening Nights 2022

When does it start?

Sep 28, 2022
7:00 pm

Where is it held?

9719 Lincoln Village Dr Sacramento, CA 95827

What is it about?

Through a period of fasting & prayer, Holy Spirit placed a massive project on our heart for the United States. It started as a 5 day event during one of the most challenging years in our modern society. Today, it's becoming a movement. We, as a ministry, have spent almost a decade traveling around the world, and proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom, with signs and wonders following. As everything came to a halt in the midst of a global pandemic, the Lord turned our attention towards the nation we call our home. God spoke to us saying, "It's time for the United States." The Gospel of the Kingdom needs to be proclaimed in every city and every state. The United States is about to experience an awakening far greater than ever before in history. And, that's what Awakening Nights are about. This September 28th - October 2nd, we are once again gathering in the California capitol of Sacramento to equip the Church to Know God, Stand Strong, and Take Action.