Physical Healing

Healed through the phone!

Gennady was at Kingdom Domain in Charlotte, North Carolina and his daughter was back home in Philadelphia. Then God asked him to do something unusual and the result was supenatural!

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Warts disappeared!

My son had warts for many years. The first ones appeared probably 7 years ago and began multiplying; one after another the warts were covering his hands. I remember the anguish in his voice when he came to me…"Mama, look, this finger now has 20 warts!" He counted a total of 65 warts on his hands! We tried every natural remedy that was recommended and over the counter medication but nothing worked.

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Healed of chronic migraines!

For several years, I had migraines that became progressively worse. By the beginning of 2017, they were occurring once every 1-2 weeks. If I caught it before the pain became intense, I took over-the-counter medicine. This was effective at times but other times taking medication would make it even worse.

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No more hepatitis!

His life drastically started changing when his friend gifted him a “Predestined” book by Andrey Shapoval. Reading a live testimony and seeing the transformational journey of the author, inspired Edward and ignited his passion for the Lord. New feelings and desires began to arise within him. While inner changes were taking place, God started creating a miracle.

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I Won't Die But Will Live!

Before I started feeling sick, I lost 17 pounds in 8-week period without dieting or exercise, but since nothing bothered me, I never sought medical help. Some time later, I started having stomach aches and feeling fatigue. After a while I ended up in the emergency room with acute abdominal pain...

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Back and Neck Healed Instantly After 11 Years of Pain

During the Day 1 opening service of KD2021, in the middle of service I felt lots of pain in my upper back and neck. From the previous car accident [over 11 years ago], I had many issues with my spine like a herniated disk and dis-alignment of my spine...

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