Depression was Lifted

Around April, I got sick with Covid. After two and a half weeks of quarantine and self- isolation I fell into depression and was experiencing negative thoughts. Even though I recovered from Covid, a couple of weeks later I continued to isolate and lock myself in my room...

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Stronghold of Unworthiness

Dmitry had a mental stronghold of always seeing himself as unworthy and unrighteous before God. He would continue seeing himself with his old sins and unable to come to God in the midst of his struggles. However when Andrey shared this same message at Kingdom Domain in 2018, it was with the power of the Holy Spirit, not just simply words and the message penetrated his heart...

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Freedom from Fear of Man

All my life, I struggled with the fear of man. I was afraid to stand out, to live and do things I wanted, or to say what I thought. Kingdom Domain 2020 is where God has set me free of all fear, especially fear of men when I screamed “FREEDOM” and “Jesus,” and started dancing...

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Delivered from Serving the Wrong Master

I had a lot of hate towards Christians, God, and life itself. At Kingdom Domain 2021, God opened my eyes and I was able to see who I was and what I was really doing. God began giving me love for people around me and fear of men was broken off of me...

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Freed from depression

Yuriy was in a state of deep depression. And then God showed up and his life has never been the same!

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Addicted to video games until...

In 2008, the economy fell and the company that I worked for went out of business and laid off everyone. I went on unemployment and ended up having a lot of extra time on my hands. Instead of using this time wisely, I started putting hours and hours into playing video games. It got to the point that I was playing video games almost non-stop, day and night up to 15 hours a day...

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Delivered from lesbianism

I was molested by a female relative at a very early age...and I began to be attracted to girls and this drew me into the world. I regularly attended church, yet I was living with my girlfriend at the same time. Everything in my life was pulling me down. I knew I needed help...“

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